Basic Launder & Press

This service is now available to utilize for laundering of your own stock. You can customize how extensive you would like Laundry Done Right to launder your items. In the Basic Launder & Press option, we will use our proven wet wash method to get the linens clean. Then after we press and fold the linens, we will carefully wrap them in a clear industrial wrap to keep them fresh for return to you. If there are any cloths that have un-removable stains, we will clearly label these to let you know before you try to use them again.

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Premium Resuscitation Program

For those very unique house linens that require special handling, Laundry Done Right can provide this service upon your request. Resuscitation cleaning includes localized work on reducing or eliminating stains, and special handling for premium fabrics. Using our established methods for industrial spotting on stains, and treatments for mildew, we can bring life back into linens that you may have thought were no longer usable. This process also includes the pressing, folding and wrapping of the linens once done.

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Wax Removal Option

This service helps to tackle those dreaded stains caused by wax dripping on the fibers of the tablecloths. Having a specially designed process for industrial removal of wax stains, we will carefully work on those cloths that need this extra service to have them ready to cover your next event or party needs. This process also includes the pressing, folding and wrapping of the cloths to return to you.

*Important Note: Results can vary based upon the amount of wax build-up on certain fabrics. The intense heat from wax can result in damage to the fibers of the cloth.

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Hanger and Poly bag option

This option can be selected, and all of the linens you identify, will be hung upon hangers once they are freshly pressed and folded. Each will be covered with a clear poly bag over the cloth and hanger. This can help to reduce some fold lines and wrinkles that may set in should the cloths be wrapped in the clear plastic wrap.

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Please note industrial methods and procedures may cause more damage to some cloths. All attempts to improve or correct a marred cloth will be performed.

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