Create Custom Labels

Laundry Done Right can make you custom labels to help identify your linens. The company name or initials along with the actual cloth size are easily fitted on the label. These can be invaluable tools to have to help identify your linens from another company’s and to help staff know the size of the linens being handled.

The labels are printed with black indelible ink on a white strip of material that resembles ribbon. The ink will not bleed on to the fabrics.

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Sew on Custom Labels

Our in-house sewing department can quickly sew the custom labels we create to an inside seam of your cloth. The thread used will not be noticeable and the placement will be so that the cloth can decorate and adorn your tables without the label being seen by the end user. This service can greatly help you in maintaining your inventory controls while also giving you a little peace of mind knowing your cloths have your own identifying mark inside.

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